Building a Premium Brand Experience


Samsung is a leader in consumer technology—constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their scale presented a unique challenge, as their products span multiple industries across hundreds of touchpoints—from cellphone displays to home appliance showrooms. They were looking for a partner who could keep pace and help them craft a consistent, high-quality customer experience across every facet of their retail presence.


Integrating our team with Samsung, we were able to deliver a retail execution strategy that was responsive to a product line changing at the speed of technology and could consistently deliver a brand and customer experience that lived up to Samsung’s quality. We created design guidelines and standardized display elements to ensure a consistent look across Samsung’s display and showroom line-up. We partnered to design and build best-in-class showroom experiences and worked closely to ensure that everything was delivered and installed on time and within budget.

Featured is the Samsung Appliance Showroom at the Canadian Appliance Source, an example of one of Samsung’s industry leading home appliance showrooms.