Envisioning the Future of Lottery at Retail


Facing a new modernization mandate, OLG was looking to revitalize their customer experience at retail. Inconsistently branded kiosks, outdated technology and analog gaming experience were all barriers keeping the lottery from growing, in particular with a new generation of digitally-savvy customers.


Our solution was two-fold. First, we created a comprehensive new retail brand for OLG that could embody the fun and excitement of playing the lottery. This new brand, build around the ‘lotto’ wordmark, gave lottery a distinct customer-facing identity that could both represent the lottery and also share the stage with OLG’s most recognizable assets—the existing game brands like 649 and Lotto Max.

Second, we created a new kiosk experience that would be a platform for digital gaming innovation. We angled the counter surface, making the instant games accessible to all customers and integrated a tablet bar focused on new gaming innovation. We also centered the kiosk experience around a prominent digital screen, moving the gaming experience to a bigger screen and enabling gaming stories to be told in an exciting, new way.