Reinventing the Beverage Aisle


Coca Cola was looking to re-engage customers whose changing lifestyles and shopping behaviors were leading them to leave Coca Cola products out of their shopping baskets. Grocery stores, facing, similar changes in customer behavior, had drastically improved the customer experience around the perimeter of the store—but the interior aisles, including the beverage aisle, had fallen behind. Coca Cola was looking for a partner to help envision what experience of the future of the beverage aisle in grocery would be.


Our team worked closely with Coca Cola’s design team in Atlanta to develop a new beverage aisle reinvention system. The new system completely revamped the look of the aisle and added targeted illumination to draw customer’s attention while adding integrated communication to get customers to look at Coca Cola products aspirationally. Our engineering and retail expertise helped to design a system that could mount on top of the existing gondola architecture to minimize in-store interruption, streamline installation and keep cost down to ensure economic feasibility. We helped Coke run through every aspect of the project, from initial conceptual ideas through engineering, multiple prototypes to final in-store installation.