Celebrating 20 Years of Design Evolution

Twenty years ago, Blake Jarrett, having never contemplating it before, started a business. Blake Jarrett & Company was the name because that was pretty much the company. Our beginning was one person, a borrowed office, a drafting table, a fledgling reputation and a passion and vision to be an organization that would become a leader in its industry!

It has been a long and exciting journey and there were some important people and companies in the beginning that believed in the vision that helped get us get where we are today. David McCue of the McCue Corporation and John Kamstra of Alspec Industries were both incredibly supportive, Cadbury, Labatt and OLG were all first year customers that we still work with today. I am deeply thankful for all of their support.

Twenty years and we still have a vision; it never goes away but is constantly evolving. As we improve our products and services, we redefine our vision, “we kick the ball ahead and chase after it”, we are driven by continuous improvement and as proud as we are of our accomplishments of the past, we are more excited about our objectives for the future.

None of this would have happened if it were not for the dedication and commitment of all of our employees over these past 20 years. I am in complete gratitude to all of our team, past and present for helping us achieve what we have over the last 20 years and especially look forward to working with our team for many more to come.

Blake Jarrett